The Story

As Rob puts it, he was up a tower with a fellow contractor and two other "nitwits", who didn't know what a phillips screwdriver was, let alone how to use one, when he turned to his buddy and said, "I'm done with this. There's better, more talented people in the world than this and I can find them."

With that he climbed off the tower and put in his 2 weeks notice. In that moment, Renewable Concepts was born.

Rob would step into meetings with clients, ask, "What do you need?" and then find the right people to get the job done.

"I know a guy," was his motto and the company expanded as talented guys with strong integrity and a stalwart reputation were consistently brought on board.

When you have a big board or a group of private investors, it can become difficult to remain flexible and to adjust to the individual needs of your clients, but Rob has maintained RCI as a family business to this day. There's no investment board, and if you call the office, you may find yourself talking to the owner within just a few minutes. That's by design. We're a big company with a maintained mom & pop feel.

The view of the entire company is that our reputation is paramount to everything. Our goal is not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.



A man tied to nature from an early age, Rob has led an incredibly diverse life. From living in tents and self-made yurts on the tops of mountains, to starting out his career building water towers all throughout remote areas, and even now to maintaining complete ownership of the company, his mantra is that there's always something new to learn, there's always an answer to be found, and there's never a time where you shouldn't be pulling your own weight.

Rob is a huge believer in renewable energy and has lived largely off the grid for over 15 years.